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Gabi Socher - darling of fortune

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Everyone has something inside, something he or she is "meant for". 

Abilities that make us special.

If those are discovered and destiny becomes profession, then you can speak of true a darling of fortune… and one becomes - for
example - a wedding-planner like me.

Born in one of the most gorgeous places of the earth, on the edge of the Traunsee, the "Lacus Felix = lucky lake" in the Salzkammergut.

Grown in a caring and appreciating family, I was able to earn a large range of abilities and skills in several different professions (textile,

entertainment industry, construction business, …) especially concerning the handling of people and the organization of small and large events.

1999 was the year it happened…

Petra Bergant

Born in one of the most beautiful and romantic areas in Austria, the Salzkammergut, my path led me all over the world.

My own wedding was like a winter fairy tale... yes, winter! Back than, nobody knew about wedding planners and we had in mind to get married in a little village in the Alps, in January! I was lucky - because all my friends and myself were working in the event and convention industry. With all their help my wedding day became part of one of my fond memories from the past.

Gabi and I have known eachother for over 3 decades and I'm grateful and happy to have joined her team. Nothing is more rewarding as looking into happy faces of bridal couples from all over the world, helping them to create an unforgettable day that they always love to remember, as I do with my own wedding day.

Organizing events was alway my passion. No matter if it was in Paris or Los Angeles... I love to work with people, see the happy glitter in their eyes, and love to be the rock in the ocean when everything seems to be too difficult to manage alone. Where one of my other passions falls in - teaching yoga and meditation. No matter what happens, warm-hearted and fully committed, I'm here to help realizing your dream of a perfect wedding.

I can't wait to talk to you!