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Wedding Inspirations on a Mountain

Wedding on top of the mountain

We offer a selection of “Remote Weddings” – weddings on the mountain. At 1.600m (5,249 ft) altitude, you have truly risen above it all as you say, “I do.” On the mountain, your perspective on life becomes greatly broadened.
The St. Christopher Chapel is the only mountain chapel in the Alps with an attached guesthouse. Get married, celebrate, and spend the night in this very special place with the charming expanse of the Salzkammergut far below you.

A wedding on the mountain embraces the four elements:

Water - a cruise ship brings your guests from the hotels across the lake to the village of Ebensee

Air - the wedding party floats weightlessly up the mountain in a gondola

Earth - on top of the imposing mountain, Feuerkogel, stands the St. Christopher Chapel, where the bride and groom will say, “I do”

Fire - at nightfall a bonfire is lit, visibly proclaiming your joy for miles

A mountain wedding is a heavenly celebration of feasting, the magic of fire, music and dance, the old tradition of stealing the bride away, and spending the wedding night in a rustic chalet.
The celebration continues the next morning with a delicious wedding brunch, which allows farewells to be said before everyone must float back down to reality.

And: an old mountain farmer’s wife once told me that weddings celebrated above 1.000 m (3,280 ft) turn out to be long-lasting and especially happy!