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Wedding Tips for the Groom

Tips for the groom

the gentle knight and shining hero who succeeded in conquering your heart:
Your wedding is a big project with many components – much the same way as building a house – and you need to approach it strategically.

  • Be wise, sympathetic, and all of the things your future wife loves most about you.
    If your bride seems to spend too much time consumed by the details, try to keep in mind that all of those little things are in fact very important.
  • A clear "I like (or dislike) this one" from her future husband can be quite helpful when she is sorting out the details.
  • Your outfit is important too.
    You should stand out from the crowd as well. Have you always wanted to wear a top hat? Your wedding is the perfect opportunity.
  • Choose your groomsmen wisely.
    You want to be surrounded by people who can actually be of help –before the wedding (e.g. to help you select the right suit, etc.),
    on your wedding day, and even after your wedding in real life...
  • A dower can be a wonderful surprise.
    In the past, a wedding gift from a husband to his new wife was a show of financial security for the bride. Today, it’s wonderful for the groom to surprise his bride with a gift the morning after the wedding. It will be treasured and make a memory of a special moment that will live with both of you forever.
  • My special "sagja"-Tip for you:
    Money isn’t the most important thing – the more personal and authentic your wedding is, the better it will be.

I will have many, many more tips when I will meet you in person.