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Tips for Wedding Guests

Tips for Wedding guests:

When guests are really joyful for the couple, they can give real value to the feast!

Do the bridal couple a favor and apply as soon as possible, it helps them a lot.

  • Consider in time, whether or not you might bring your children or enjoy the event as a couple - and let the bride and groom know. 
  • Feel free to ask if kids have a location to play around - the better the little ones are taken care of, the happier everybody will be.
  • Get your presents right! Do not forget to take a look at your invitation - it might give you a hint! 
  • Glue your greeting cards to your presents, so that the couple knows whom to thank. 
  • Instead of a big bouquet maybe a single flower and a florist’s coupon brings more joy to the bridal couple - and it will last longer
  • In case you plan any kind of surprise for the bridal couple, make sure to check with someone responsible for organization - nothing is more awkward than two times the same game.
  • Suit up! You will be on their wedding pictures forever.
  • If there is no Dress-code specified, feel free to ask for it! You like wearing hats but never have the possibility to? This is your chance!
  • NO GO: white or very light dresses or pantsuits! Too sexy, too short, too much cleavage…! Black is okay, if you spice it up a little with some color.
  • Try to really “join“ the festivities - with your warmth, your happiness and your best mood, you provide the best presents of all - and you endow them an unforgettable wedding!


I will have many, many more tips when I will meet you in person.