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Wedding-Consulting & Organisation

You have enough helpers that assist you on your big day. Nevertheless, you wish for a professional alongside your planning - for sharing ideas,  scheduling the whole process and also for minimizing the stress, pressure and even the costs.

It is not the budget that determines a successful wedding. It is the ideal utilization of the available goods for your very special event.

I would be happy to provide advice prior to, and support you actively during your feast, so that you can enjoy your wedding with as little stress as possible.

After all you should be able to fully immersed in your wedding celebration!

There are 3 important factors to manage a successful wedding:

  1. Your love for each other!
  2. Creative ideas and perfect organization
  3. Confidence that your team of helpers is there to make your day magical

I am definitely responsible for point number two and - if you like - also for point three...