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Wedding Tips for Bridal Couples

Tips for the bride and the groom

  • When should you start planning your wedding?
    It’s easy: as soon as you know that you want to get married. Don’t let yourself get stressed out. If it is “meant to be” everything will fall in place smoothly even if you have only a couple of months to plan – I have seen it time and time again ;-)  The less time you have to prepare, the better it is to have a professional with experience guiding you.
  • Wedding theme – yes or no? 
    Whatever you think is best…be authentic. You are allowed “to be yourself” even on your wedding day – your uniqueness is why you fell in love in the first place. Your wedding is a place to celebrate that. It’s all about your preferences. Whatever suits you is perfect.
  • You are allowed to be selfish - It’s your big day.
    Every year, at your anniversary, you will remember your wedding day. Don’t worry, your guests will be happy no matter what you choose.
  • If at all possible, only invite people that you actually like.
    It’s best to avoid inviting exes to your wedding as well as anyone with whom you have or could have potential conflicts.
  • If you want to have a “dress code,” write it on your invitation.
    Your guests will thank you for it. For example, hats are trendy at weddings right now, and it makes pictures beautiful and fun.
    Plus, the girls will have fun while shopping for them. On the invitation you could say “hats welcome” to make it clear for your guests.
  • If you have a patchwork-family: Try to get everyone in a good mood before the wedding and make sure that the seating arrangements are taken care of in such a way as to allow a harmonious celebration.
  • Choose your vendors wisely. It’s not only about price. It’s also very important to like the vendor and go with your gut feeling.
    On your wedding day, you should only be surrounded by people who have your specific wellbeing in mind (the hair dresser, photographer, caterer, and, of course, the wedding planner!)
  • Use the wedding preparation to spend time together.
    Wedding planning is a wonderful time to enjoy one another’s company. You are looking at beautiful things: your favorite dishes, your favorite music, the decorations, etc. If you approach it the right way, it can become a real treat for both of you!
  • Does the bridal dance make you already nervous?
    Start practicing as soon as possible and take dance classes and/or hire a personal dance teacher. This is another wonderful way to spend quality time with each other.
    If you prefer, come up with an alternate option for the bridal dance! On your wedding day you don’t have to worry about anything but saying yes to each other. ;-)
  • Important tips for all weddings:
    Before everybody starts to congratulate you and shake your hand, put your new wedding ring on the opposite hand to prevent blisters.
    Also, don’t forget comfortable shoes for later in the evening. At that point, appearances aren’t as important as they were earlier in the day. Your smile is much more important.

I will have many more tips when I have the pleasure to meeting you in person!